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Welcome to Terowe Systems

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Welcome to the landing page. This is the home of Terowe Systems. Our goal is to provide the masses with brain-exhausting, fun, and challenging entertainment. We strive to create content that will intrigue the mind, and test your limits We hope through our apps you can explore and expand on your ever-growing repository of skills. Our pride is in keeping young minds growing and old minds sharp. We want to make learning fun and engaging. Good enough is never good enough.

Code Vault: Cypher is now available for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play. The Commercial version is already available with the Education (School) and Student versions coming out soon. We hope you have fun working your way through our first Maze of mental challenges. More is coming in the upcoming year as the Code Vault Series expands and Terowe Systems explores other realms. If the Cypher has you stuck, always know you can come by here for the latest tips and tricks to tackle this math challenge.


Are you a teacher? Looking for some interesting new assignments to build your students’ mastery? Terowe Systems keeps the focus on Education and looks to empower teachers to use video games as a teaching and reinforcement tool. Check out the Terowe Systems Education page for more information about upcoming Terowe Systems ED releases.