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Not that there is anything wrong with mindless entertainment. It has it’s place, do be sure. Who doesn’t love a good five minute time-waster? We here at Terowe Systems have spent much time in the break room playing mindless games. (We won’t name them because they may not appreciate being called mindless, but you know what a mindless game is. If you don’t, play one of our games and then you’ll know for sure.) Still, does that game give you the same journey, the same thrill of success? What does it mean to know that you powered through that brain teaser through sheer force of will and critical thinking? How does it feel to turn your mind into a foe to be feared and reckoned with as your attacks are unleashed on your unwitting friends, family, colleagues, or classmates? Here’s where you’ll go to find out.

We are in our infancy here at Terowe Systems but we strive to provide a unique gaming experience for casual and hardcore puzzlers alike. We want to give you hours of victories on the train on the way to work or in the taxi cab. We want to grow your mind when you’re waiting for your number to be called for jury duty or to let you know your car repairs are done. We strive to give you the puzzles and challenges on your way to work that you’re still contemplating while trying to get through your 9 - 5 or on your way to job number two (which is hopefully just a free night of binge watching Netflix). Check out our Upcoming Games Page for a look at apps that are heading to an app store near you. Check Current Releases to see what games are already out and to look up tips and tricks or leave comments about current releases. Please don’t forget to send in ratings for our games. All your feedback just helps us get better at what we do.

Feel free to join our Mailing List to stay up to date on all the new developments at Terowe Systems. We’ll send out email notifications to let you know about new blog posts or when new games are hitting the market. We appreciate your feedback and always love to hear how our audience is enjoying our games or where we could stand to improve the experience. Feel free to drop us a line at any time.

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