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OUR GOAL IS TO help students learn in new and exciting ways. 


Hello. My name is Brian Webster. I am the owner and founder of Terowe Systems. Like you, I spend my days in the classroom trying to help students work through the challenges of learning new concepts. I currently teach mathematics and computer science by day and am hard at work building apps for you by night. Know that Terowe Systems will always, as much as possible, not only build you inspired and creative apps, but also frame them to help you as teachers enforce the skills that students desperately need.

Here at Terowe Systems Education Division, our mantra is play your homework. Getting students to work on paper assignments can be like pulling teeth. Getting them to take out their iPad or phone is typically a less painful endeavor. A good classroom competition can often crank up the intensity of a class while still facilitating learning. We embrace this by creating single player and multiplayer experiences that put students in competition and collaboration to work through challenging puzzles that build up their logic skill as well as increasing fluency.

We will endeavor to be as responsive as we possibly can to your feedback and work hard to deliver you mind blowing apps that will help you leverage collaboration and competition as a means to facilitate learning in the classroom. As much as possible, we intend to release every education gaming app with an education and student release. Some apps may receive a commercial release depending on their transfer-ability. The student apps will be free to download and include the ability to report progress back to teachers. The progress reading program that we will release shortly will allow you as teachers to accept and interpret the work your students have done.

Our first release Code Vault : Cypher will come in three versions: a commercial, education, and student version. The Education version of the game will cost $3.99 and will allow for unlimited user accounts on the device it is installed on. The student and commercial versions are free as they are ad-supported and in-app purchase supported. All versions are now available for download on iOS & Android. The student version comes with a Report button in the Option Menu that allows students to send progress reports directly to their teachers via e-mail. You can read student Game Data using our Reader Application which you can download by clicking here. Please feel free to send any and all feedback to us using the feedback page. Thank you.

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