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Tips and Tricks for Playing Code Vault Cypher

Hello Cyphers in Training!

Have you found yourself a little stuck puzzling through our first challenging app. Don’t worry! I’m here to help. I can tell you every little twist and hint built into this number jumble. Stick with me and you’ll be holding the Ultimate Cypher Achievement in no time. So let’s dive right in.

Code Vault as a game is essentially a jigsaw puzzle with numbers. The operations stay stationary as do those Green numbers at the bottom of every Answer Node. The green number is the target whereas the yellow number is the current value based on the expression. Blue Nodes solve the expression left to right while Yellow Nodes solve the expression from top to bottom. All the rules of math including order of operations are observed so you have to account for things like multiply before you add or subtract and the possibilities of negatives (and those pesky double/triple negatives). The game is tough but not insurmountable. Here are a few tricks to help you when you get stuck. Also, before you ask, I assure you that every Cypher has a solution. Some have more than one!

#1 Guiding Light is Your Friend

The Guiding Light Upgrade is cheap and easily the most valuable one for you when you get lost. It will BOTH turn all Correct Code Panels Yellow and LOCK them in place. This means they can not be moved and you won’t mess them up by accident. Guiding Light is NOT CONSIDERED AN ITEM. This means that you can get the ITEMLESS BONUS even if you use it (no matter how many times). It is 300 Cypher Coins or about as much as you get from two levels or one Commercial (More on that later). Bare in mind that if you have 0% on the Completion Meter don’t waste this your Guiding Light. You have nothing right so nothing will light up.

#2 Read the Completion Meter

The Completion Meter changes every time you swap two Code Panels. It’s on the right side and you should look at it before and after every move to see if it was a good move. Pay close attention to the bottom side (“# INCORRECT”). This tells you how many Code Panels are incorrect.

  1. If after you swap two panels the “#” decreases by two, that means both pieces ARE in the RIGHT spot. LEAVE THEM.

  2. Similarly, if the number increases by two, that means the numbers WERE IN THE RIGHT SPOT and you should SWITCH THEM BACK.

  3. When the “#” decreases by one that means you moved SOMETHING to the right spot. The question is which one. You can use a Code Panel you know is correct to test panels assuming you have not used Guiding Light on it because then it would be locked.

  4. If your “#” increases by one then you moved something FROM the right spot. Put it back.

  5. Lastly note that just because the number doesn’t change doesn’t mean they are both wrong. It is possible that you moved something from one right spot to another. This often happens when both spots are supposed to have the same number.

#3 Math Logic is your friend

One of the reasons this game was made was to build on mathematics fluency. Math is as much a language as English and French and the more you can speak to its truths the better time you’ll have. Equally as important is logic. For Example: If you have two Code Panels an addition sign and the green number is 18, there is only one possible set of numbers for that 9 and 9. For the same example if the green number is 16 there are only two possibilities: 8 and 8 or 9 and 7. Same principle applies for time tables and subtraction. Multiplication sets with only two numbers can be some of the most forgiving parts of Code Vaults because there are only a few possibilities. Add to that the fact that you only can work with the numbers you’re given and you can knock out entire sections of the Code Vault with a few moments of logic. Really big numbers and really small numbers can be really helpful as they lend themselves to only a small set of answers (But multiplication with zero can be a beast. Who would’ve thought?).

#4 Strategies for Completionists

There are two bonuses you can earn at the end of every level and you can only earn them once. The Itemless Bonus and the Time Attack Bonus. By themselves or coupled with Double Cypher Coins this can really have you raking in the Cypher Coins. This is especially true if you consider achievements. Achievements reward your hard work and progress with items and Cypher Coins. Some you get just for knocking out Code Vaults any way you can. The others you get from picking up these two bonuses. There are level achievements per target as well as per Code Vault as well as ranks. So how do you get them on those harder systems? For Itemless remember, Guiding Light IS NOT AN ITEM. You save those up for the terrible levels and spend them as you work down the “# INCORRECT”. Remember once something is yellow it is set in stone. If, for example you have Block + Block - Block = 12 and Guiding Light gives you Block + 7 - Block = 12 that means that Block - Block = 5. You’ve dropped down to just a few possibilities just using Guiding Light. Now the tricky one is Time Attack. For this here’s a tactic to get you started. Remember that you can SOLVE HALF OF THE PUZZLE WITH ITEMS and still get Time Attack. Stock up your items and your Guiding Lights. Start the level off by counting all the Code Panels (just the code panels not the Answer Nodes). Guiding Light will lock all of the right answers in place and they don’t count towards your half. Then solve half with Items. If the puzzle is 24 Code Panels, solve 12 with items. This will allow you to knock out some of the harder levels.

#5 Leveraging those Pesky Ads

I hate ads. There, I said it. I hate that I have to have them in our games. I do apologize as I know they CAN be frustrating. That’s not to say they aren’t useful for you though. We had to choose between a purchased game when we want everyone to play our games and a free game with Ads so we chose the later. That being said, I snuck some nice things into the code to help you guys out with ads when the development team wasn’t looking. I thought I would share them here to inform your decisions. First, as you know there are two types of ads: skippable and not skippable. It always bothered me that the app designers got money and I got nothing after having five seconds of my life snatched by an ad. So, I snuck in before the app was released and added code that says that when you skip a skippable ad you get 20 Cypher Coins. Seriously! Check if you don’t believe me. If you let that skippable ad run all the way through you get 50 Cypher Coins. I’m serious. Check it! Of course, if you request an ad you get a whopping 300 Cypher Coins. Even there, I put in an olive branch. You see, the ad request is on a 5 minutes timer assuming you didn’t purchase No Ads. So, I added code that says that if you request an ad it should reset that timer so if you catch the rewarded ads before changing levels you get 300 Cypher Coins instead of 20 or 50 and another five minutes. Remember again ALL those CYPHER COIN AMOUNTS are DOUBLED with Double Cypher Coins. That includes achievements and ads.

#6 Some Levels have more than one Solution

This is especially true with your addition and subtraction levels. This is less likely when two or three operations are used. It is entirely possible that there are multiple solutions to the same Code Vault. The Code Vault is finished when all the targets equal the equations provided regardless of it is the “System Solution”. You’ll see this happen in addition levels when a level goes from “7 INCORRECT” to “0 INCORRECT”. In that instance you have found a different configuration for the Code Vault that allows it to perform the same function. We reward creativity here. So don’t feel chained to the “# INCORRECT” panel. It is a guide. Sometimes you should use it. Sometimes you should lose it. Your call when.

Well that’s all the time I have for now. I have to get back to work. Happy Puzzling! Thank you all so much for taking the time to play our games. You make all the hours of work worth it. We here at Terowe Systems hope that these mind benders will provide you with many hours of entertainment. See you soon.


If you have any tips, tricks, or would just like to drop a line about the post, feel free to leave a comment below. I will say that although the clientele here is not limited to children or marketed to them, I do hope children play the games and read the blog so let’s keep it rated G, please. Thank you. Have an awesome day.

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