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Code Vault : Mission

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An upcoming release for Fall/Winter 2019!

Code Vault : Mission

Code Vault : Mission follows the exploits of a scientist turned hacker in the Kameonic Universe in her quest to take down the evil Black Star Network. You follow Maria Maze as you learn the truth about the origins of Code Vaults, and how their cryptographic abilities are being manipulated by the Black Star Network’s strange and ruthless Master. Capture Cypher Keys by hacking Black Star Code Vaults, but realize that now the Vaults themselves are fighting back. Maria’s Cypher Ni Computer can only take you so far at its base level. Upgrade it’s power and defensive systems to protect you, hopefully long enough to fight your way through this maze of math challenges.

As you hack your way through target after target, Maria will gain more power, but evil intentions lurk around every corner and maybe even in her own ranks. As the digital war heats up and the physical war grows more unpredictable in the world around her, Maria will have to hack for her life to save the people she holds dear. Travel with her and her small band of loyal soldiers fighting and scheming, like sheep among wolves, to restore peace and justice to Kameon. Guide her through mind bending levels, leading her to a final showdown with the Master of the Black Star Network.

Need a break from the main campaign? Grab a friend and maybe a few foes to challenge and hack their systems in the multi-player mode. Choose your friends carefully and keep your stores supplied as you battle your way into your opponents inner sanctum, scrambling their Code Vaults and controls or freezing their systems. Quick thinking and sharp memory are your only hope of salvation in this mental battle for survival. Keep your true friends close.

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