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Code Vault : Cypher

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 The Title Screen for Code Vault : Cypher

Code Vault : Cypher is now released!

Just when you thought you’d seen every kind of puzzle game there was to see.

Code Vault : Cypher is a math puzzle game designed to challenge players to complete puzzles by moving all the numbers around to their correct position. The yellow and blue answer nodes around the game board serve as your targets and most valuable clue to piece together this numerical jigsaw puzzle. The Game Boards start out simple but quickly crank up in difficulty.

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The levels can get as large as 8 x 8 and cover addition, subtraction, and multiplication. The operations either come alone or in combination with one another. To help you work through these a few extras items are available. You always have your completion meter which gives you progress and tells you how many panels are not in the right position. Your Guiding Light Power-Up highlights correct panels in yellow. The remaining items can solve part of the puzzle for you if you’re feeling stumped, though they’ll cost you the Item-less bonus. (Perfect if you just need to get that time bonus.) Burn out your math mind as you plow through over 1200 levels of computational challenges to achieve the rank of Ultimate Cypher.

Code Vault: Cypher Commercial Edition is available on Google Play for Android, and iOS App Store devices both iPad and iPhone. The Student Edition is available as well on iOS and Google Play. The School Edition is only available on Google Play. (For teachers only: Game Data Reader is available here).

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